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  • Do not excessively use capitals. It is not necessary and many users interpret this as yelling or shouting.

  • Please do not excessively use bad/offense language. In reason and moderation swearing is allowed but consider your language and the other users; as it is frowned upon. If another member is offended and wishes for you to stop then please do.

  • Please refrain from sending messages too quickly.

  • Do not paste links into multiple chats advertising your creations. However while chatting you may post a link to your channel, game etc. But please ask before posting, as it's just polite to do so.

  • Do not repeatedly send a particular word, phrase, sentence or link as this is spam.

  • Please respect other members and do not discriminate other users in chat. Tell a moderator if you feel your opinions/views/beliefs and feelings have not be respected appropriately by other members. Any discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Do not paste links to adult material of any kind. Keep the chat safe for work and keep in mind, there are younger users here. We want to keep it safe for them.

  • Do not paste links to websites/files that contain malware of any kind.

  • Do not paste links to illegal content.

  • Please do not use paste in large walls of text, that disrupts the chat conversation. Do not use automated macros to do this either.

  • If a moderator tells you to refrain from doing something in the chat, please respect the moderators wish and stop.

  • Please try and keep the conversations related to each room as much as possible, there are reasons why there are multiple chat rooms.

  • Please keep the Main chat room in English as much as possible